Three Simple Hints To Make 2018 A Great Pool Year!

1) Have your water tested.

It’s inexpensive (often free) to have your local pool tech or store analyze your pool water. (See our San Diego Pool Service Directory for a complete list.) They can tell you exactly what your water needs, and if it’s time for a partial or complete water change. Adjusting pH and adding only what chemicals are needed is much safer and less damaging than simply “super shocking” with excessive amounts of chlorine and hoping for the best. (Hey, we’ve all been there!)

2) Perform filter maintenance now.

Don’t wait until after the pool is back under heavy use. Start with new cartridges, elements or filter medium to ensure the water starts out crystal-clear, and stays that way all year.

3) Schedule weekly service during your heavy-use season.

While most of us can handle the daily upkeep – skimming leaves, adjusting pH, scooping up toys and dolls from the bottom of the deep end – we could all use a little help with the harder stuff. Unless you’ve got loads of free time or a highly motivated teenager, it’s best to leave the scrubbing, filter and chemical maintenance to a pro. With our busy schedules, it’s just too easy to miss a cleaning or fall behind on water testing. And deferring maintenance for even a few days in the middle of hot weather can mean the difference between a crystal-clear pool, and one that suddenly needs expensive treatments with algaecide and water clarifier. Scheduling pool service means you’ll spend less time fixing problems and more time enjoying your pool!